Manufacturer: ZNIPER-Archery

ZNIPER Zextant Basic Body M - Medium

Product.Nr.: Z2111010-2

Manufacturer: ZNIPER-Archery

EUR 26,90
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  • delivery time 2 - 10 Tage
  • Size: M - Medium

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product description

We deliver the Basic Body of the ZNIPER Zextant including the grid, all screws, etc.

If you need a Zextant in a different size, you don’t need to buy a new one straight away. By changing the Basic Body and the corresponding plunger pin, you can change the size of the Zextant.

Sizes (Screw-in depth)

  • Small (S): 19-23mm
  • Medium (M): 22-26mm
  • Large (L): 25-29mm
  • XLarge (XL): 28-32mm