Manufacturer: ZNIPER-Archery

ZNIPER Zextant M - Medium

Product.Nr.: Z2111007-2

Manufacturer: ZNIPER-Archery

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  • delivery time 2 - 10 Tage
  • Size: M - Medium

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product description

The ZNIPER Zextant plunger comes in 4 sizes for a perfect fit on your bow with either stick-on or bolt-on rest.
The Zextant has 3 specifically desined performance springs with different tensions to
ensure optimal adjustment.
In addition to its exceptional quality, the ZNIPER Zextant plunger is the first plunger with adjustable screw-in depth and spring tension via rotating micro-clicks.  
Therefore, the ZNIPER Zextant only needs to be screwed into the bow once and then can be set up easily each time with the specific number of rotating micro-clicks.


The ZNIPER Zextant is offered in four different sizes. The size of the Zextant is defined by the screw-in depth.

  • Small (S):    19-23mm
  • Medium (M):    22-26mm
  • Large (L):    25-29mm
  • XLarge (XL):    28-32mm


  • - Zextant plunger (pre-assembled) incl. the new enhanced Button Pin Version 2
  • 3 springs of different strength 
    (soft – pre-assembled, medium strength, hard) 
    • Soft spring => 1,2 -3,9 Nm 
    • Medium spring => 3,8 -7,8 Nm 
    • Hard spring => 7,5 -11,8 Nm 
  • 1 replacement pin fitting the plunger in the new enhanced Version 2
  • These operating instructions 
  • 2 spacers: 1x 1mm and 1x 2mm to reduce the screw in depth of the plunger when needed
  • The following tools: 
    • 1x Allen key 1,5mm 
    • 1x Allen key 2,0mm 
    • 1x Clamping Tool to tighten Zextant and grid system

Key features of the ZNIPER Zextant

  • Both plunger depth and plunger pressure can be set in a reproducible grid pattern without having to repeatedly loosen and tighten the plunger for the plunger depth.
  • Lowest tolerances and the best design for an incomparable shooting experience
  • The Zextant is delivered with three springs of different strength
    • Soft spring => 1.2 – 3.9 Nm
    • Medium spring => 3.8 -7.8 Nm
    • Hard spring => 7.5 -11.8 Nm
    • The mean pressure adjustment of the spring is 0.04Nm, 0.05Nm or 0.06Nm depending on the spring strength
    • The springs were specially developed and manufactured in Germany for the ZNIPER Zextant
  • The basic components of the Zextant are made of stainless steel or 6061 aluminum. All aluminum components are anodized in titanium color.
  • Every component of the Zextant is available as a spare part and therefore the Zextant is very sustainable and environmentally friendly.