1_Zniper_Spazial_Barebow_TABOur ZNIPER Barebow Tab, developed by Michael Meyer, is the most versatile, efficient and innovative barebow tab available on the market.

Our ZNIPER Tab has a variety of tuning options which make it unique. Its quality and optics satisfy the highest demands.




2_Zniper_Spazial_Barebow_TAB_AbgriffmarkenThe ZNIPER Tab offers the option to adjust the number and position of the grip marks and when needed to change them. As a result, the correct grip is even easier and mistakes will be avoided.

In order to change the grip marks, the tab can be opened with the screws and then the markers can be positioned in intervals of 1 mm in accordance with the World Archery Rulebook.



8_Zniper_Spazial_Barebow_TAB_SchablonenWith the ZNIPER Tab we will provide templates, where the archer can register and secure the configuration of the markers, in case previous marker configurations should be reinstalled.






Another highlight of our ZNIPER Barebow Tab is the possibility to install anchor plates. The ZNIPER Tab can be shot with or without them.

We supply our ZNIPER Tab with two anchor plates in two different heights. The use of anchor plates assures a solid and reproducible anchor. 

The use of anchor plates assures a solid and reproducible anchor. For archers with lower draw weight, this option is especially interesting because, with the mounting of the anchor plate, the angle of the arrow increases, which results in farther distances, since the point 0 increases.

By choosing the right anchor plate for the archer, the point 0 can be increased accordingly without changing the existing anchor.

With the ZNIPER Tab, the obligatory gap-shooting for archers with a weaker bow will be a thing from the past. Especially archers with a low draw weight should be able to reach more easily the WA720 50 m.


Another unique feature of the ZNIPER Tab is the possibility to install the horizontal and vertical position of the finger spacer as well as the Gummi loop in 9 different positions. This allows the barebow tab to be optimally adjusted to the archer and it feels great in use.

Of course, the finger spacer of the ZNIPER Tab does not need to be used, and archers who prefer to shoot without it can easily take it off.





The leather of our ZNIPER Barebow Tab consists of two layers of leather. The lower layer made from Kangaroo leather is soft and offers a good grip on the fingers. The main layer is finest Cordovan which is durable and due to its nature perfect for tab leather. The ZNIPER Tab’s leather adjusts perfectly to all hand sizes.

We are very proud that our ZNIPER Tab has been used successfully in international World Archery competitions and even helped produce a European Champion.




Next to the ZNIPER Tab, we will provide everything needed to install it successfully. It includes Abgrifgrip marks, both Allen keys needed for tuning, replacement screws, two anchor plates of different heights as well as the templates for securing the configuration of the grip markers.