Bradley Thompson

(Point On Archery)

“The Zniper arrow rest has become my favorite arrow rest for barebow archery, and competition. I love the Zniper drop away design, and I get excellent arrow clearance, and more consistent arrow flight than other arrow rests I have used in the past. For me, the Zniper arrow rest is the only arrow rest that I want to shoot.”
Fredrik Lundmark
Fredrik Lundmark

1st place – Roma Trophy 2019
2nd place  – WA 3D World Championships Lac la Biche 2019
3rd place – WA Field World Championships Cortina 2018
1st place – WA 3D European Championships Gothenburg 2018
2nd place – WA 3D World Championships Robion 2017

“I’ve been shooting with the ZNIPER rest and ZNIPER tab for a while now and I must say that they both are top quality. The ZNIPER rest is easy to tune and reliable. I get good clearance and best of all, it shortens my sight scale. The ZNIPER tab is innovative with its movable “sightscale”. The leather took no time what so ever to break in. I can really recommend both of them…”