Our ZNIPER Rest arrow rest is perfect for the barebow or barebow archery and was specifically developed for this purpose by Michael Meyer.



Barebow archers know that with low grip for short distances, the arrow bounces over the arrow rest finger and arrows line up very high.

In parts, the aiming over the arrow with corresponding grip at short distance is close to impossible. This condition also results in extreme wear and tear on vanes and arrows.

The perfect solution is the ZNIPER REST arrow rest, especially developed for barebow archery.


The ZNIPER REST arrow rest uses the low pressure of the arrow directly after the shot and through the use of strong magnets, the finger rest folds down quickly by itself. The arrow can then leave the bow without further pressure on the arrow rest finger.

Before the next shot, the ZNIPER REST simply will be fold up with the finger.

The ZNIPER REST arrow rest can be adjusted easily, and the pressure necessary to release the ZNIPER REST arrow rest can be adjusted precisely, independently from the arrow’s weight.

Another very positive effect of the ZNIPER REST arrow rest is that because of the elimination of the bouncing of the arrow, the grip of the individual distances lies even closer together, and especially in Field and 3D archery, with unknown distances, the grips are more precise with less errors.

The ZNIPER REST arrow rest is available in Field-version for thinner arrows and in Indoor-version for thicker arrows.

Of course, the ZNIPER REST can be easily adapted by changing the finger rest for different arrows.


  • Sturdy construction made of aluminum milled from CNC; coated with eloxal (black)
  • Stable finger rest made of 1.5 mm stainless steel wire
  • Rest wire is not inclined but close to 90 degrees in relation to the arrow which results in only minor change of hight of the arrow with lateral adjustment of the button.
  • Therefore, easier and more precise adjustment
  • The rest wire gets out of the trajectory of the arrow right after the release and does not bounce back. — the trajectory of the arrow will not be affected.
  • The rest does not put up resistance to the arrow, especially with low grip —- the arrow does not bounce
  • The trajectory of the arrow improves significantly
  • Compared to rigid rests, the grip will move up, especially with short distances.
  • The incorrect overall tuning of the bow, especially the Tiller’s, can be identified immediately.


  • ZNIPER Rest, RH or LH
  • Replacement screws M3
  • Fixing screw 5/16 inch stainless steel
  • Tool Kit
  • Description
  • One Finger for Field- and one Finger for Indoor